November 2007 SNI NY Public Lecture Attracts 100 Attendees

November 11, 2007

2007 Public Lecture Group Photo

Sunday, October 21, 2007 an unusually warm day for Fall, but never the less it was a perfect day for this once a year event. Perfect in many ways, for starters the attendance reached the century mark. And by the questionaire that was circulated (remarks noted on page 4 and 5) “It was wonderful.”

The morning session emceed by Nancy Miller began with an Opening Prayer by Rev. Bruce Mallery. He then presented the first lecture, “What is Seicho-No-Ie?” His clear explanation on the many benefits one received when practicing “man is a child of God” was touching and powerful.

Thelma VidalWe then heard a testimony by Thelma Vidal. “Seicho-No-Ie came into my life and made me a new person. I have been searching for something like this for many years and now I have found it. I am a new person, Thank you Seicho-No-Ie.”

The second lecture during the morning session, “The Way to Health, Happiness and Prosperity” by Rev. Yoshiko Teshigawara, Bishop, SNI, Inc. As usual she mesmerized the audience with her highly spiritual presence and presentation. Right to the point and powerful. Her presentation was interpreted by Patricia Wada.

In her presentation “The Way to Health, Happiness and Prosperity” she told us to practice the teachings of Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi, doing Shinsokan, reading the Holy books and doing deeds of love. Loving everyone and everything.

Luana Santos gave a wonderful powerpoint presentation on, “Being a Holy Missioner and Subscribing to the Truth of Life magazine.”

Luana Santos

This was followed by a Book presentation and group photo.

We then had a lunch break with a delicious vegetarian lunch of rice, Spinach salad, saute’d Garlic Egg Plant and delicately seasoned Soybean paddy. All prepared by Wanda Soares and her team of dedicated helpers.

The afternoon session began with a lively Brazilian SNI Youth Song. With many Brazilians particpating on stage dancing in unison to the song, it was a wonderful display of Brazilian enthusiasm and started the afternoon session with a festive feeling.

Rev. Hiei Ando’s talk, “Living a Life that Grows with Nature.” His graphic presentation touched on three categories,#1 Englightenment of Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi. Receiving the Divine Message, “All things are One in God” all in Harmony. (Humans, Animals and Nature.) #2 Challenges we face. Environmental problems, Hunger, Confict and Crisis, Health, education, religious freedom problems and natural disasters. #3 Living a Life that Grows with Nature. Quoting Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi, “Human Beings have received much from this Earth. Yet, have forgotten to take care of the earth.”

The afternoon session again was blessed with a upbeat song. Everyone was into it and the hall was bursting out with “Take a Little Love and Pass It On” with the help of Hideki Takao on piano.

Megan SampsonNext on the program was a testimony by Megan Sampson. “I was somewhat aware of SNI as far back as 1996. Having been exposed to SNI at the NewLife Expo. But through the years I have attended many services at different places and was never totally satisfied, until connecting with Seicho-No-Ie. Most of alI the people and minister have given me tremendous support. I am glad to know Seicho-No-Ie.”

Next on the program was a piano recital by Vanessa Cunha. She performed pieces by Brahms and received a huge applause of appreciation.

The fourth and final lecture was presented by Rev. Teshigawara, “Open the Doors of Your Life.” A Great presentation. The Bishop, has a wonderful spiritual presence. It was wonderful to have her here.

Bishop Teshigawara and Pat Wada

This public lecture brought SNI NY many compliments and many ideas for consideration for future public lectures. Mr. Nori Suzuki took the initiative and passed out a questionnaire. Here are some of the responses.

1. What was your expectation of this Public Lecture? Answers: To learn about Seicho-No-Ie by listening to Rev. Yoshiko Teshigawara, Rev. Hiei Ando and Rev. Bruce Mallery. To connect with God and find happiness. To improve my health and find peace of mind.

2. Did it meet your expectations? The lectures, testimonies, music were wonderful, Everyone present was beaming with love. The hall radiated with that feeling.

3. Lecture 1. What is Seicho-No-Ie? The over all comment was excellent and very informative.

4. Lecture 2. The Way to Health, Happiness and Prosperity! Most all the comments of excellent in the category of topic, and presentation.

The overall response was the event was satisfying. We thank the Ministers, volunteers and most of all the people that came to this year’s Public Lecture. We look forward to the 2008 Public Lecture. See You There!

Compiled by Eric Shishido

Photographs by Philip Lashley


November 2007 SNI NY Leadership Training Seminar

November 11, 2007

Leadership Seminar group photo

This year’s Leadership Training Seminar began at approximately 1:00 p.m. Saturday, October 20, 2007 at the New York Center

Thirty dedicated leaders who took time to attend this seminar were satisfied. This seminar was guided by Rev. Yoshiko Teshigawara, Rev. Hiei Ando and Bruce Mallery The first lecture by Rev. Hiei Ando titled “Introduction to Islam.” Lecture two, “Similarities and Differences between Judaism, Christianity and Islam” by Rev. Bruce Mallery. After lectures 1 & 2, there was a Question and Answer session. One noted question was; Why Do we have to study about Islam?” To that…“To learn about the second largest practiced religion today.” and etc.

After a short break the second part of the training seminar began with a hymn, “Like the Stars” with piano accompaniment by Hideki Takao. This was followed by Rev. Yoshiko Teshigawara’s talk “World Peace and Our Mission.” The Bishop’s presentation was interpreted by Patricia Wada. In the Bishop’s presentation she touched on the Special Conference held this past summer at Edith Macy’s Confer-ence Center. She showed slides of the conference, of guest speaker Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl and of Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi’s Cartoon presentation of Mr. Green and Mr. Blue (about the environment) She also reminded everyone that to forgive yourself and to forgive others is important to foster good health.

In her closing words of encouragment she reiterated the importance of we leaders of SNI vigorously propagating “Man is a child of God, World Peace and Caring for Our Environment.”

Rev. Hiei Ando closed the seminar with a prayer. The Song “Holy Missioners March” and a group picture concluded the leaders seminar.

Report and photo by Eric Shishido

November Minister’s Message

November 11, 2007

Rev Bruce MalleryDear Spiritual Brothers and Sisters,

This month we had our Leadership Training Seminar and Public Lecture. We were delighted to welcome Rev. Yoshiko Teshigawara and her able interpreter Pat Wada to guide us in those extraordinary events. I want to thank everyone who participated in the extensive preparations to allow this to take place in such a wonderful way. Newcomers and veterans alike enjoyed the spiritual presentation of our Bishop. The prayers for a successful public lecture and the Holy Sutra marathons focused on 100 participants taking part in the Public Lecture and so it was, both people present and tickets sold. Mr. Nori Suzuki surveyed the participants and the positive responses echoed the uplifting atmosphere felt by all.

Rev. Hiei Ando returned with a wonderful lecture echoing the 2007 Movement Policy “Living a Life that Grows with Nature.” This was set up by Ms. Wanda Soares and her kitchen staff’s delicious vegetarian lunch. Following the lecture we were all mesmerized by the beautiful piano recital of Vanessa Cunha who played Brahms Op. 119. Participants from many backgrounds could enjoy the lectures because of simultaneous Portuguese interpretation by Mr Adriano Westfal and Spanish by Mr. Tak Tanikawa and their assistants over our system. This was all underscored by the book and CD sales of $740 in four languages.

Everything went so well I feel grateful and there is no better time than November which is a month of Thanksgiving. A reminder for all of us to stop and reflect for a moment on all the blessings we are receiving. Some will celebrate a festival of forgiveness and gratitude at the Winter Seminar in Boston with guest speaker Ms. Lilian Norimatu from Brazil while others will celebrate at the Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi celebration in New York. He, of course, is the one for whom we are all grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!!

With love and gratitude,

Bruce G. Mallery
Chief, SNI NY Missionary Area

November 2007 Sunday Schedule

November 11, 2007


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Nov 4
Path to a Healthier Life
1st Lecture: Eric Shishido
Second Lecture: Adriano Westfal

Nov 10
4th Qtr Board of Trustee Mtg
4th Qtr Propagation Council Mtg

Nov 11
How to Live Cheerfully
1st Lecture: Jim Kubo
Second Lecture: Rev. Bruce Mallery

Nov 18
Bringing Out Your Best
1st Lecture: Rosetta Heinz
Second Lecture: Rev. Bruce Mallery

Nov 25
Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi Birthday Celebration/ Special Program

Wednesday Evening Workshop 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

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November 2007 Donations

November 11, 2007


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